CHECKOUT: The Best New Grocery Store Finds for March 2017

We tried 171 new products this month to find five supermarket standouts.
rabbits cashew grains granola rebel protein cold brew products

18 Rabbits Cashew, Ancient Grain & Cacao Nib Granola ($6.99) and REBBL Protein Cold Brew ($4.99) “Having this protein-filled duo for breakfast means no more grumbling tummy in my morning meeting. Plus, cocoa nibs (aka chocolate!) for breakfast equals a win.” —Elizabeth Zuhl, associate art director

Jarlsberg Folios

Jarlsberg Folios ($5.99) “Eating low-carb is tough when all you want is a sammie, so I’m excited to use these wraps made entirely of cheese.” —Margaret Farley, assistant managing editor

Red Velvet Halo Top Ice Cream

Red Velvet Halo Top ($5.99) “Sweetened with sugar and stevia, a pint of this ice cream has—get this—360 calories. And it tastes like ice cream. That settles my Friday night plans.” —Ananda Eidelstein, editorial assistant

Garlic Balsamic Broccoli Signature Sidekicks

Garlic Balsamic Broccoli Signature Sidekicks by Robert Irvine ($5.98) “My new veggie go-to is this side with golden raisins, garlic and tangy balsamic sauce. Ten minutes in the skillet and it’s ready to go!” —Cecily McAndrews, food editor