CHECKOUT: The Best New Grocery Store Finds for February 2017

We chowed down on 167 products to find the newest, greatest stuff at the supermarket.
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meatball parm pasta bow ties

Meatball Parm Pasta Bow-Ties ($3.99) “Thanks to these I can get my cheesy pasta fix in a bag of chips!” —Samantha Ulban, associate photo editor

bela seafood wild caught mackerel

Bela Seafood Wild Caught Mackerel ($3.49) “Open a can and throw some on toast. Boom, dinner.” —Janet Taylor McCracken, test kitchen director

green giant veggie tots

Green Giant Veggie Tots ($3.99) “Each serving has 50 fewer calories than regular tots; it’s my favorite incarnation of the cauliflower craze.” —Marissa Wolkenberg, research chief

chobani flip smore smores

Chobani Flip S’more S’mores ($1.49) “We’re a long way from campfire season, but these capture the flavor of a properly charred marshmallow, so I can pretend.” —Renae Wilson, test kitchen intern

mr marks harmonizing queen bee ginbao with honey

Mr. Mak’s Harmonizing Queen Bee Ginbao with Honey ($5.99) “Made with lots of peppery, germ-fighting ginger, this drink is my secret to staying healthy during cold season.” —Cecily McAndrews, food editor

peak sherpa cherry almond cranberry tsampa

Peak Sherpa Cherry Almond Cranberry Tsampa ($7.99) “This barley-based hot cereal is naturally sweet and nutty, plus I can make it in the microwave.” —Gabriella Gershenson, food features editor