Boston Diners are the Techiest!

Boston is home to some of the latest advances in restaurant tech. Check out what the locals do!
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They Text Their Waiters

Charlies Kitchen in nearby Cambridge (10 Eliot St., 617-492-9646, was one of the first to use TextMyFood, a customer-to-waiter text-messaging system. When a server is out of sight, diners can text their drink and food orders directly to a touch screen in the kitchen.

They Replaced Bulky Beepers

Used almost exclusively in Boston locations, including Finale Desserterie & Bakery (30 Dunster St., Cambridge, 617-441-9797,, the Textaurant service eliminates the need to carry reservation buzzers around. The hostess enters your phone number into a machine that auto-texts you when the table is ready. A new upgrade, due out this year, will allow diners to put their names on the web wait list before they arrive.

They Track Their Orders by Touch Screen

Thanks to a new tablet device called E la Carte (designed by MIT students), customers can view photos and nutritional information for all a restaurant’s dishes, as well as place orders, track the food’s progress from the kitchen and play games while waiting. Uno in Harvard Square (22 JFK St., Cambridge, 617-497-1530, is one of the first to test the pilot version.

They Check Themselves Out

A device called the Ziosk lets diners pay their bill and email themselves a receipt through a tableside screen. It originated in Dallas but is gaining popularity faster in Boston than anywhere.


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