We handpicked the finest bags and bottles of this super-healthy tea.

Best Decaf Green Tea

Salada Naturally Decaffeinated 100% Green Tea won us over with its bright citrus taste. The leaves are decaffeinated with pure spring water, which maintains the authentic flavor and sweetness without keeping you up at night. ($3 for 20 bags) 

Salada Naturally Decaffeinated 100% Green Tea

Best Original Green Tea

The Bigelow Green Tea was the only tea to score a perfect 10 from any of our tasters. This fragrant brew is full-bodied, with an earthy, smooth flavor. One bag creates a refreshing, energizing morning cup that needs no sweetener. ($2.99 for 20 bags)

Bigelow Green Tea

Best Bottled Green Tea

The Snapple All Natural Green Tea is a delicately sweetened brew and is great for on the go. We liked the real green-tea-leaf flavor, kicked up with a lemony tang. "It reminds me of southern sweet tea, only green!" said a taster. ($1.39 per bottle) 

Snapple All Natural Green Tea

Best Blended Green Tea

The Celestial Seasonings Gen Mai Cha Green Tea had our tasters raving. Roasty, toasty brown rice mixed with light, grassy matcha (a powdered green tea) keep this one fresh longer and impart a rich earthiness. "It's nutty and smoky but still tastes bright," said one sipper. ($2.99 for 12 bags)

Celestial Seasonings Gen Mai Cha Green Tea

Best Flavored Green Tea

We "oohed" and "ahhed" over the Stash Premium Mangosteen Green Tea. This beautiful, pink-hued brew has a citrusy mangosteen flavor which is enhanced by sweet notes of pear, orange, lemongrass and hibiscus for a sip that's not cloying. Chilled, it'd make a great cocktail mixer. ($3.39 for 18 bags)

Stash Premium Mangosteen Green Tea