Taste Test: Gluten-Free Beers

We blind-tasted tons of gluten-free beers to find the five best-tasting brews on the market. They're so good, no one will miss the wheat or barley.

Go Against The Grain!

Show some love to your gluten-free guests -- and shock everyone else -- with these five gluten-free brews that beat even the conventional ones that were thrown in as decoys.

Gluten Free Beer Taste Test

Green's Discovery Amber Ale

Technically amber, this brew reminded us of even darker ales with its bold blend of millet, buckwheat, rice and sorghum (all gluten-free grains).

Green’s Discovery Amber Ale

$6 for 16.9 oz., merchantduvin.com

Omission Lager

Made from malted barley that's deglutenized during the brewing process, then tested for any stowaway gluten, this lager is light and lemony -- and tasty!

Omission Lager

$10 for a six-pack, omissionbeer.com

Harvester Brewing IPA

With nuttiness from roasted chestnuts, creaminess from g-free oats and a bit of bite from hops, this IPA was the beer that got finished off fastest.

Harvester Brewing IPA

$6.50 for 22 oz., store.harvesterbrewing.com

New Planet Amber Ale

A medium-bodied blend of sorghum, brown-rice extract and molasses, with yummy caramel and citrus notes, this amber ale goes especially well with dessert.

New Planet Amber Ale

$9 for a four-pack, newplanetbeer.com

Bard's Gold

Fans of light and smooth wheat brews loved this fruity, crisp malted-sorghum lager -- the brainchild of two gluten- intolerant beer geeks.

Bard’s Gold

$9 for a six- pack, bardsbeer.com

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