Beers That Taste Like Food

These new flavored beers sound bizarre, but they'll leave your taste buds tingling for more. From PB&J to Gingerbread to Raspberry Tart -- these brews are worth trying!

Spicy Chile
A perfect pairing for tacos or chips and guac, Six Rivers Brewery Chili Pepper Ale ($6) has a cooling effect -- at first. After a few seconds, the back-of-the-throat heat kicks in. The ale's infused with charcoal-roasted jalapeño, habanero, serrano and anaheim chiles, which are no joke: Brewmaster Carlos Sanchez wears a protective mask while creating!
1300 Central Ave., McKinleyville, CA

Made with roasted peanuts and jammy fruits (think grapes and raspberries), Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery's No Crusts ale ($5) tastes like a nostalgic bite of the actual white-bread sandwich!
2621 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, FL

Bison Brewing's nutmeg-and-cinnamon Gingerbread Ale ($8) has the flavor of just-baked cookies without being too sugary: It ends with the spicy, slightly bitter flavor of a dark porter.
2030 Fifth St., Berkeley, CA

Raspberry Tart
With 1 pound of fresh Oregon raspberries smashed into each bottle, this bubbly pink beer ($9) from New Glarus Brewing Company has a creamy-tangy finish that reminds us of a farmers'-market dessert.
2400 State Hwy. 69, New Glarus, WI

MORE BEERS WE TRIED AND LOVED! Pizza: tinted with oregano and tomato.
Pizza Beer Company's Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer, $3

Pineapple: smelled and sipped like the ripe fruit.
Maui Brewing Company's Mana Wheat Beer, $11 for 6

Oyster: had a strangely delicious briny taste.
Oyster House Brewing Company's Moonstone Stout, $4


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