Can, tube or packet? Find the tomato concentrate worth concentrating on.

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Three-Way Tie!

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Best value

The classic can is the least expensive per ounce, but you have to use it all within a week of opening it or the leftovers are spoiled and so are your savings. (If you're willing to take the time, you can also freeze the excess in ice cube trays for up to three months.) Price: 23¢ per 2 tbsp.

Most convenient 

These little packets, a new item from Hunt's, last for months in the pantry, so your paste won't go to waste. And since they come in single-serve, two-tablespoon portions, you don't have to mess with measuring spoons—just tear and squeeze! Price: 43¢ per 2 tbsp.

Best flavor 

Tomato paste always packs a punch flavor-wise, but tube versions are just a little punchier. Most are double concentrated, meaning they use more tomatoes per ounce than a can. Once opened, they can last six weeks in the fridge. That said, they're triple the price. Price: 70¢ per 2 tbsp.