The spiralized zucchini craze shows no signs of letting up. But what’s better: buying it or DIY-ing it?

store-bought vs homemade noodles
Photography by Peter Ardito
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito


If you haven't twirled a fork into the zoodle trend, precut is a great time-saving way to give it a try. But if you get hooked, remember you'll pay almost double the cost of homemade. P.S.: If the strands appear soggy or dried out, they may have been sitting longer than three days. Skip! Prep: 0 minutes, Price: $5.77 per pound


If you really like zoodles (or, um, curly fries), investing in a $10 spiralizer is a no-brainer: The little gadget pays for itself pretty quickly. Whole zucchini lasts longer than cut, giving you more flexibility for menu planning—plus freshly cut noodles have a firmer texture. Prep: 5 minutes, Price: $3.24 per pound

And the winner is... Homemade!