Battle of the Romaine Lettuces: Head vs. Heart vs. Clamshell

Get the freshest leafy greens without spending too much green.
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Head of Romaine Lettuce


A head of romaine lasts about 10 days—around three days longer than hearts and six days longer than leaves sold in a clamshell—so you’re less likely to end up with limp lettuce. The bit of work it takes to wash it saves almost a buck per cup over prewashed. Prep: 5 mins; Price: 30¢ per chopped cup

Romaine Lettuce Hearts


You still have to wash hearts but, unlike heads, they come stripped of their tougher outer leaves, putting you that much closer to a crisp salad. That service costs six cents more per cup—whether that’s worth the minute you save is up to you. Prep: 4 min.; Price: 36¢ per chopped cup 

Clamshell Romaine lettuce


This prewashed option is almost always organic, which partially explains the high price. If you need garnishes for a burger bash and are pressed for time, it’s a good choice. But for everyday salads and such, use your head! Prep: 1 min.; Price: $1.18 per chopped cup

And the winner is... Head!