Swing by the produce section and you might notice an adorable trend: teeny-tiny fruits and veggies!
baby fruits
Photography by Yunhee Kim
| Credit: Photography by Yunhee Kim

Restaurants have served little fruits and veggies for years. But home cooks can get in on the action now that more supermarkets are stocking these little guys, says Karen Caplan, CEO of California-based Frieda's Specialty Produce, one of the country's largest distributors. The only question now is whether to eat them...or snuggle them.


About one-third the size of a regular banana, these especially sweet, little treats (called niños) are perfect for pint- size snackers... and their hungry parents.     


People who think eggplant is bitter have never tried this mild, tiny Japanese variety. And it's so small that you can stir-fry it with other veggies and not have half left over.     


Say aloha to this tiny fruit, which is actually grown in South Africa. Because it's so tender, you can eat the core. It's also party-ready: Hollow it out and pour in a shot of rum!     


Wasting a pricey avocado is the pits, which is why we love GatorEggs from Shanley Farms. These Hass avocados are naturally smaller, so each one is less than 100 calories—and is just the right size for one avo toast.