Spider Cooking Tool
Photo by Getty Images
| Credit: Photo by Getty Images

It may have a creepy name (after all, that's a webbed basket!), but the spider is a go-to tool in our test kitchen. A cross between a slotted spoon and a sieve, the spider has a big, shallow wire-mesh bowl attached to a handle, making it your safest bet for scooping up any food cooking in hot liquid. Retrieve deep-fried anything out of oil, or shrimp, vegetables and bite-size pastas like ravioli from boiling water. Finer-mesh spiders are great for skimming impurities off the top of simmering stocks. Choose a spider with a long handle—whether it is made of steel or traditional bamboo or wood—and a heatproof grip, and you've got yourself a spider with legs.

Use while cooking Lighter-Than-Air Tempura