5 Tips to Save at the Grocery Store

Looking to stretch a buck? Start at the supermarket.
smart shopping

1. Don't Shop Hungry.

Smell the tulips and freshly baked banana-nut muffins near the supermarket entrance? They're there to get your salivary glands juiced up. First they assail your nostrils, then your wallet.

2. Buy Less to Waste Less.

A significant percentage of what we buy ends up in the garbage, particularly fruits and vegetables. Buy fewer.

3. Buy the House Brand.

A store-brand product is usually just as good as the name-brand item that costs 30 cents more.

4. Bank Your Cash.

Americans tend to buy way more than necessary. There's no need to buy a three-month supply of extra-strength paper towels.

5. Leave Your Kids at Home (If You Can).

Stores often position balls, gadgets, pens and candy right at kids' eye level.


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