Tinsel gets all the love at Christmas. But in the test kitchen, our silvery material of choice is foil. Whether we’re tenting a roast or MacGyver-ing a splatter guard, we go through tons of the stuff. Here’s how we (un)roll.

1. Oil Rig

oil catching foil
Credit: Courtesy of Reynolds Kitchens

Pouring used oil down the sink is a no-no (clogs!). But throw it in the trash and you risk a leak. Our favorite way to dump it: Line a bowl with foil, then pour in the grease from your pan. Once the grease cools, pick up the foil and toss the whole thing.

2. Sponge Savior

ball of foil
Credit: Photography by Getty

After baking a casserole, scrub off whatever's stuck to the sides of the dish using a wad of foil—maybe the foil you covered the dish with while it was in the oven. "It won't scratch the glass surface, and you won't ruin your sponge with any food residue," says Charry Brown, test kitchen manager at Reynolds Kitchens.

3. Mixer Fixer

Foil spill guard
Credit: Courtesy of Reynolds Kitchens

Poke the arms of your beaters through a piece of foil before connecting them to your hand mixer. This will prevent whipped cream or frosting from flying out of the bowl— and all over your kitchen.     

4. The Great Divide

divided foil tray
Credit: Courtesy of Reynolds Kitchens

Make mini trays out of foil, then set them on top of your baking pan so you can cook a few things at once without the juices or the sauces intermingling. Because: multitasking.