3 Less Expensive Cuts of Meat to Try

Lower your grocery budget with these savvy meat switch-ups from Kari Underly, author of The Art of Beef Cutting. Use these 3 easy swaps for baby back ribs, rib-eye steak and filet mignon all yearlong and you'll save money whether you're summer grilling or holiday cooking.
Swap and Save Meats

If you love...baby back ribs, try...ST. LOUIS-STYLE RIBS
Small, tender pork baby back ribs are in high demand, so grocers jack up the price. Full spareribs (the lower part of the ribs that has the brisket attached) are cheaper but trickier to cook. St. Louis ribs come minus the brisket, so they cook more evenly.
Savings: Up to 20%

If you love...rib-eye steak, try...CHUCK-EYE STEAK
Both of these cuts come from the same muscles, so they have an equally hearty flavor. But chuck eye costs less because there's a bit more connective tissue that may need a quick trim job.
Savings: Up to 50%

If you love...filet mignon, try...FLATIRON STEAK
This boneless cut from the shoulder is almost as silky-textured as the other cuts, and tastes just as rich. But it's more forgiving because it has lots of marbling. Even grilled well-done, flatiron tastes tender.
Savings: Up to 55%