15-Minute Dinners

You've carved out time to make November's big feast, but what about all of those other suppers? We've got five super quick recipes that feed four for $12.

Corny Cajun Shrimp

shrimp on corn

Time-saver: Spicy Tomatoes

Using canned tomatoes already flavored with chiles adds oomph without extra prep.

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Veggie Curry Bowls


Time-saver: Frozen Brown Rice

Clock watchers, take note: This precooked ingredient is ready in 6 minutes instead of 45! (We used Rice Expressions, which is organic.)

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Pepper Steak Heros

roast beef sandwich

Time-saver: Flatiron Steak

This inexpensive cut of beef has tons of flavor. The real bonus? It cooks up in a flash.

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Deviled Pork Chops with Apples & Squash

pan fried porkchop

Time-saver: Prepped Squash

Frozen squash that has already been peeled, seeded, cubed and partially cooked saves tons of time

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Chipotle Chicken Stoup


Time-saver: Chicken Tenders

For just pennies more a pound than chicken breast, you can buy panready tenders (precut strips of chicken breast).

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