The wire whisk is on everyone's list of essential kitchen tools. Just ask, Duff Goldman, the cake master himself and he'll tell you 10 reasons why he's obsessed with whisks.

This low-tech tool could be your new kitchen hero. Duff Goldman, owner of L.A.'s new Duff's Cakemix -- and is clearly a huge fan of the whisk (check out that tattoo!) -- offers his high-wire tricks!

Duff Goldman

1. When brown sugar or salt clumps up due to humidity, use a whisk to break up the blocks and get those crystals to behave.

2. Most people use a fork to scramble their eggs, but a whisk is the secret to rock-star omelets and eggs. More air means more fluff!  

3. If you don't have an ice cream machine, use a bowl, the freezer and a whisk. Put your ice cream base in the icebox and whisk every 20 minutes until set. I've made tons of sorbets like this when my machine went out. 

4. A whisk makes the best homemade mayo. Mixing by hand lets you easily control the consistency.

5. If I'm eating a cupcake and bite into a bunch of salt, I'm going to be mad. So when a recipe calls for combining your dry ingredients, whisk them to distribute everything evenly.

6. Snip off the bottom round tines with a wire cutter, and your whisk becomes a tool for drizzling chocolate on cakes or making spun sugar.

7. I like making whipped cream by hand with a whisk because it can turn out too stiff with a mixer. It seriously only takes a couple of minutes.

8. With all those wires, whisks are ideal for scraping up the browned bits from the bottom of a pan when making a sauce or gravy. That's flavor!

9. Use a whisk to mix sticky ingredients -- like honey or molasses -- into salad dressings and marinades. The goop will just ball up if you use a spoon.

10. Big wire whisks can really bring a bubble bath back to life!

Did you know...Large whisks make cool light fixtures?!