Molly Yeh

No Passover dessert table is complete without coconut macaroons—but they better not be out of a can! Homemade macaroons, with their crisp shells and chewy innards, are super tasty and really easy. Here, I’ve dressed them up with a tahini glaze.
The Minnesota food blogger behind My Name is Yeh shows us how she celebrates the Jewish holiday in modern Midwestern style.
Cauliflower pizza crust has no business in my house, but riced cauliflower is a welcome sub for tabbouleh's traditional bulgur wheat.
A hotdish is a casserole that contains meat, vegetables, and a starch, all held together by creamed soup and baked until hot. The one-pan meal is an upper Midwestern specialty, and it’s great when you’re feeding a big group. This version features the star of practically every Jewish holiday feast—braised brisket—and potato tots, which may be the most popular hotdish topping.