Grant Melton

Rething your crispy rice bars with help from Grant Melton, culinary producer on the Rachael Ray show and our go-to guy for sweet stuff.
The drizzle of honey on top is sweet, sticky goodness.
What's more fun: pulling these buttery, supermallowy treats apart of eating them?
Matcha lovers: You're definitely going to want to try these.
These taste just like strawberries and cream or, dare we say, better.
Sweet. Nutty. Salty. These crispy bars hit the dessert trifecta.
Because can never have too much chocolate.
Vanilla bean paste and fancy sprinkles will make crispy rice bars a party favorite.
Grant Melton, the go-to guy for sweets on the Rachael Ray Show, shows you how to turn crispy rice cereal bars into a fun summertime treat.
Use this trick to get yourself out of a sticky situation.