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The winter skin struggle is real. But no matter your issue, dermatologist Anne Chapas, founder of Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City (and Rach's own skin doc!), can help you put your best face forward even during a deep freeze.
Nighttime is the right time for beauty treatments, whether you’re an overachiever or just too busy to get it all done during waking hours.
Summer is an endless parade of shorts and skirts, making your gams the center of attention. These products will have them shining until fall.
Ponytails are the unofficial hairstyle of summer. If you’ve been rocking the same one since grade school, try one of these straight-from-the-runway tweaks.
Is the beauty-fridge trend worth it, or too #extra?
Beauty brands have found cool new ways to package their products—and protect the planet.
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Leave your worries back in 2018! This year is about trying new things, getting in on hot colors, and switching up your beauty game.
Dyeing your own hair is fast, affordable, and—we swear!—easy. Read on as celebrity colorists spill their tips for at-home success.
From screen sirens to Milan’s models, Italian women always seem to radiate a gorgeous glow. “Italian beauty is effortless,” says Tim Quinn, celebrity makeup artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty. “There’s nothing too overdone— everything is meant to enhance a woman’s own sensuality.” Here’s how to bring a little Italy to your own beauty routine.
Cooking may take 30 minutes, but your beauty routine should go a lot quicker. So we found some multipurpose products to help make mornings simple, streamlined, and, most important, speedy!
Frizz, faded color, flatness—summer can be a bummer for your tresses. Before you own your crazy-hair-don’t-care look, read on for smart solutions so you can focus on what really matters. (Hint: it’s ice cream cones.)
“I love applying sunscreen!” said no one ever. But that’s about to change. Retire your greasy, old-school formula for an ultralight, barely visible one that offers top-notch protection.
Matte makeup might be in, but it’s a losing game when summer’s heat and humidity are working against you. Instead, embrace the dewy look! Here are five steps to get that perfect glow.
The newest treatments for skin and hair are taking inspiration from your favorite beverages. Here are five products to soak up this spring.
Face masks are quick, effective, and totally fun. Here, five ways to get your glow on tonight.
From bold and bright to soft and sweet, we paired spring's biggest lip-color trends with the best cheek tint to complement each one.
When it’s time to hit the holiday party, fancy up your eye makeup with these shimmering metallic shades.
The hustle and bustle of the season can strain your psyche—and your manicure. “Decorating, baking, cooking, and washing dishes can chip your polish and deplete your nails of natural oils until they’re dry and brittle,” says Rachael’s nail guru, celeb manicurist Pattie Yankee. Here’s how to keep your tips intact.
Get ready to see green and almond manis everywhere you go, according to Pattie Yankee, Rachael's nail guru and celeb manicurist.
To keep Rachael’s hair looking shiny and full through long days on set, her hairstylist, Patty Mocarski, came up with some genius strategies. Follow these steps and, like Rachael, you’ll have a great hair day every day.
A bold lip color that won’t budge all day? Believe it. We tried a ton and found the formulas that stuck with us through burrito bowls, salads and even a smooch or two.
In an ideal world, you’d probably wear no makeup all summer, but IRL, there are going to be times when you need a little something. Give your face a fighting chance against heat, humidity and all that sweat with new products that help you at least look like you’re keeping your cool.
Yay, summer! Time for beach days, BBQs and... sun damage. In other words, it’s also time to get serious about that SPF. Whether you’re taking a jog or sprinting through errands, chilling by the pool or hustling to work, there’s a formula for whatever your calendar throws your way.
The supercharged green-tea powder has been adding color—and antioxidants—to lattes at your coffee shop and sweet treats at the bakery. Now this Japanese import is working its magic at a beauty counter near you.