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We broke down the mighty almond in all its forms—blanched, flour, extract, and more—so you know which to use when.
There's a time and place for low and slow, but this isn't it. Grab your wok or another large, sturdy skillet and crank up the heat to high. Dinner's ready in 8 minutes flat!
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'Tis the season for baking all the things. But before you dough (get it?), check out our holiday cookie cheat sheet.
Where do chestnuts come from? How do you eat them? Here's all you need to know.
Choose-Your-Crumb Crust
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How to turn Cheez-Its, pretzels, chips, and more into an alternative piecrust
This cocktail mix-in is just as good in food as it is in drinks.
Leftover spuds make a great topping for a postfeast pizza. Spread them on a homemade crust and bake for creamy, cheesy carbolicious fun!
These storing and reheating tips will make sure that Thanksgiving is a meal that keeps on giving.
In honor of Thanksgiving, we polled our followers and fans to find out how they rolled with the poultry punches. Take notes, folks. If they can do it, so can you!
This seasoning mix is the essence of Thanksgiving.
These cheap and mighty paper baskets (less than $2 gets you 200) are very handy for tons of things that have nothing to do with coffee.
Break up some store-bought cookies, crackers, or chips for a fun, foolproof alternative to traditional piecrust. Our combos sound a little crazy, but trust us, they're crazy delicious!
We're giving you the green light to eat these fruits before they're ready.
Make your ramen rock with these tasty mix-ins and toppings.
These old-school slices are our new go-tos.
Turn a kid-frienly classic into a luxe adult lunch with these special spreads.
No pumpkin? No problem! These seedy characters came straight from the produce aisle. Here’s how we turned ordinary fruits and veggies into grocery ghouls.
This espresso-based drink keeps me sane all summer long.
Salsa verde means "green sauce" in both Spanish and Italian. But besides color and versatility (we'd spoon either version onto practically anything), the two sauces couldn't taste more different. Here's our very verde guide.
Can Crush
What's better than a cool cocktail on a hot summer day? One you can enjoy without breaking a sweat. Here are the premade drinks that made our must-sip list.
Top Pops
We tasted more summertime treats than you can shake a stick at to arrive at our chosen frozen.
A league of nations has landed in your yogurt aisle. Meet granola's worldly new sidekicks.
BBQ on Cue
Hauling cords of hickory, prepping slabs of meat, tending the smoker (and, hello, owning a smoker): Real barbecue is a ton of work. Mail-order 'cue to the rescue! We ate our way through a conference room full of meat to arrive at this smokin' selection.