We Tried It: Pickle Ice Cream from Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in NYC

Will this unusual flavor make you turn green? Our pickle-loving managing editor road-tested Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.'s fun new offering.
By Tara Cox ,

I’m a fan of all things pickley. From garlicky sour pickles, pickled eggs, or just straight pickle juice, I love the briney stuff. Also, I’ve never met an ice cream I didn’t like—including Ketchup & Mayo ice cream!—so when I heard about pickle soft serve at the Lucky Pickle Dumpling Company on the Upper West Side in NYC, I had to investigate.

Photo by Tara Cox

Charmed by the storefront's neon sign, I stepped inside and placed my order on one of the tablets. (Because it was as simple as pressing a button, I couldn’t resist impulse-buying a $20 chicken-eating-a-pickle T-shirt as well). My name was called and my jaw dropped when I saw the serving size—it was humongous! But, man, was it pretty: one big, light-green soft serve swirl, topped with dried cucumbers for the full on "pickles and ice cream" look—ha! All this was piled into a long plastic vessel, giving you all the benefits of a cone, with none of the (ok, well, fewer) disastrous drips. 

Photo by Tara Cox

I had no idea what to expect as I faced the giant green whorl. Would it taste curdled? Sour? Would my cheeks and lips pucker into a fish face? Would there be garlic? I dug my spoon in for a sample and I was pleasantly surprised.

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The ice cream tasted like cucumber (so refreshing!) with a light wave of briny goodness (even more refreshing!). It gave the sensation of a between-courses palette cleanser, wiping away all traces of anything unpleasant, including my worry that this might just be another feeble frozen fad. 

Photo by Tara Cox

So even if you're not a fan of fermented foods; or you're skeptical of things created especially for Instagram buzz, give this one a try. It's actually really fun ice cream!

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