6 Cool Ice Cream Trends from Around the World

Take a spin around the world with these six international delights.
By Janet Taylor McCracken ,

1. Kulfi

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This Indian sweet is made with buffalo milk that’s simmered for hours (until it’s almost nutty), then frozen, usually in cone-shaped molds, until it’s fully frozen.

2. Nieves De Garrafa

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Named after the container that it’s made in—a steel cylinder that’s surrounded by ice and salt—this dense Mexican ice cream is hand churned, then flavored with everything from tropical fruits to liquor. (Hello, tequila!)

3. Dondurma

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This Turkish street-cart treat is distinguished by its taffy-like stretch. Vendors pound the ice cream with long metal rods to make the chilly dessert extra chewy.

4. Bastani

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The Persian answer to ice cream gets its butter-yellow hue from saffron. Chopped pistachios and rose water are common mix-ins.

5. Xue Hua Bing

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Taiwan’s signature sweet is a dairy base that’s frozen and shaved into delicate ribbons, then topped with fresh fruits and condensed milk.

6. Plombir

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This super-rich Russian variety gets its luxurious feel from high-fat heavy cream and egg yolks. Yum!

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