The Coolest Ice Cream Trends on Instagram

So many eye-catching desserts, so little time. On your next trip to the ice cream shop, grab your phone, find a cool background, and don’t forget to tag @rachaelraymag and #RRMagFan. Hurry—cuz it’s melting!
By Janet Taylor McCracken ,

Macaron ice cream sandwiches at MILK in L.A.

Photo courtesy of MILK

Fish-shaped cone at Taiyaki NYC

Photo courtesy of Taiyaki NYC

Egg-waffle cone at Eggloo in NYC 

Photo courtesy of theboroughbred

Fruity Duties cone at Stax Ice Cream in NYC

Photo courtesy of Stax Ice Cream

Ube soft serve at Soft Swerve in NYC

Photo courtesy of Lauren Katz/lolkatz41

Cone topped with ice cream pie and a halvah donut at Ice & Vice in NYC

Photo courtesy of Ice & Vice

Cereal Milk soft serve at Milk Bar in NYC

Photo courtesy of Milk Bar

Doughnut sundaes at Sweet Daze Dessert Bar in Richardson, Texas

Photo courtesy of Sweet Daze Dessert Bar

Doughnut ice cream sandwich at Blackbird Doughnuts in Boston

Photo courtesy of yourfavoritefoodiez

Gelato roses at Amorino (various locations)

Photo courtesy of thecreativeshake/Amorino US

Cherry-dipped cone at Mister Dips in Brooklyn 

Photo courtesy of Tara Cox/misscox

Rolled ice cream taco at Sweet Rolled Taco in Garden Grove, California

Photo courtesy of kumi_and_luna_shiba

Chimney cones at Garden Creamery in San Francisco

Photo courtesy of Charlene Fernandez

Ice cream “bouquets” at Stuffed Ice Cream in NYC 

Photo courtesy of feedyourgirlfriend

The legendary shakes at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in NYC 

Photo courtesy of Black Tap

Charcoal soft serve at Little Damage in L.A.

Photo courtesy of cesar_agurto

Boozy sundae at Tipsy Scoop in NYC 

Photo by Molly Weinberg @mollyweinberg

Thai-style rolled ice cream at Rollin’ Creamery in Fountain Valley, California 

Photo courtesy of rollincreamery

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