5 Seltzers Giving LaCroix a Run for Its Money

Watch out, LaCroix—there’s a new fizz in town. Actually, make that five, and they’re all aiming to be your favorite thirst quencher.
By Danielle Centoni ,

Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Bubly Water ($3.89 for an 8-pack)

These new cuties from PepsiCo are bursting with brightness—we love the mango! We also love the cans, which hide greetings (hi, heyo, oh hi) under the pull top and punny sayings (like i feel like i can be open around u) on the label. bubly.com

Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Waterloo Sparkling Water ($5.99 for a 12-pack)

These canned sparklers pair big sweet taste (the watermelon might as well be called Jolly Rancher) with soft bubbles. drinkwaterloo.com

Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

New York Seltzer Sparkling Water ($3.99 for an 8-pack)

New York Seltzer, which disappeared in the ’90s, is back with a new line of seltzers that are slightly sweet and deliciously crisp. We’re partial to the coconut. newyorkseltzer.com

Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Poland Spring Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water ($3.99 for an 8-pack)

These super-fizzy sips come in 10 flavors. Our fave, lemon lime, is like a more refreshing version of soda. polandspring.com

Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Spindrift Sparkling Water ($5.99 for an 8-pack)

Made with fruit juices rather than extracts, these cloudy drinks taste like sparkling spa water—especially the cucumber. spindriftfresh.com

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