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How to Make a Martini Glass Centerpiece

Forget the vodka. For a decorative centerpiece, we filled our martini glass with colorful candies and a pillar candle stick. It'll light up the room!

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-You can create a great sparkling centerpiece right at home with just some candy and a few martini glasses. Here's what you'll need. Some spare martini glasses, Hershey Kisses or any type of candy, tall candle sticks and maybe a few flowers and leaves. Start by placing a candlestick into the center of your martini glass. If you're worried the candlestick will tip over, lightly melt the bottom with a match for a few seconds before sticking it into the center of your glass. Hold the candle in place as you fill your glass with Hershey Kisses. You can also try using Jelly Beans or M&M's for a more colorful look that fits your party. Last, if you're using Hershey Kisses, stick some flowers and leaves into the glass by tucking the stems between the candies to add a little more color to your display. Let some of the flowers and leaves peak over the top of the glass. Line the martini glasses along your table. Light the candle and you're all set. For more fun tips and videos, head to rachaelraymag.com.