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How to Make a Sock Vase Centerpiece

Socks aren't just for your feet anymore. We used them to jazz up potted plants for a cut and easy centerpiece! Watch our how-to video to learn how to make it yourself.

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-You can create this floral centerpiece at home just by opening your sock drawer. Here is what you'll need. Some potted plants and some tube socks in a few different colors. Pull your sock over the plant until it's tight enough to roll the socks over the lip of the pot. Snip off the bottom of the socks so the pot can stand flat on the table then add your soil and gently pack a flower or herb in place. Just scatter your plants along your table or your mantle. You can create the same look on your coffee table by using baby food sized jars and baby socks. Fill this up with smaller plants or votive candles. For more fun tips and videos, head to rachaelraymag.com.