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How to Make a Post-it Note Lamp

Decorate your lamp shade in a mess-free way: with Post-it Notes! These old-school office supplies are the easiest way to add some do-it-yourself color to home accessories.

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-If you really wanna make a room stick out, try decorating your light fixtures with 1 simple office supply. Post-its. All you need is a stack or two of post-its in coordinating colors and a lampshade. Starting at the bottom of the lampshade, begin sticking down a row of the same colored sticky note around the entire base of the shade. If the notes are having trouble sticking, reinforce them with a piece of double-sided tape or try coating your lampshade in a sheet of computer paper. Continue adding rows of post-its layering each new row about half an inch over the previous one. You can create a straight pattern or try creating an ombre pattern like the one I'm creating here by using gradually darker paper colors. When you've reached the top of your lamp, you're done. Just turn on the light and watch the colors diffuse through the post-it notes. For more fun tips and videos, head to rachaelraymag.com.