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Vodka Cocktails: The Moscow Mule

Mix vodka, lime juice and ginger beer together to create this crowd-pleasing Moscow Mule cocktail. Watch this video to master this classic recipe.

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-Retro drinks are so popular right now because they evoke the glamorous days of high cocktail culture. One of my favorites is the spicy refreshing Moscow Mule which was all the rage in Hollywood in the 1940s. All you need is vodka, lime juice, and the secret ingredient- ginger beer. A mule is actually a genre of drinks made with ginger beer which you could find at most supermarkets. You wanna start with the chilled glass. If you have a metal glass, a copper glass even better, that will keep your drink nice and chilled. Then, add your vodka, about 2 ounces, and your fresh-squeezed lime juice. Fill up your glass with ice and add you ginger beer. Then you wanna stir gently. You always wanna stir and not shake carbonated beverages, so you don't burst those bubbles. Then just top it off with a squeeze of lime and that's it, your Moscow Mule.