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How to Make an Inverted Wine Glass Centerpiece

Our Inverted Wine Glass is an elegant centerpiece that literally takes seconds to pull together. Watch this video to learn how to make it and see our step-by-step how-to.

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-Everyone has that set and these matching wine glasses hidden away in the back of their close. Well, it's time to blow the dust of yours because we've come up with the way to put down to good use. All you'll need are some medium to large size flowers, a set of wine glasses, and votive candles. Start by trimming the stems off of your flowers cutting as close to the base as possible. I like using everyday-- using dahlias and then mix with oranges, purples and pinks. Next, scatter your flower across your table. Then, then tuck each bloom under a wine glass. Top the wine glass with a votive candle and it's easy as that. It's a centerpiece that doubles as your lighting for the night. When I did this at home, I like using neutral color candles like creams, pale yellows, and light oranges and I leave the bright and poppy colors of the flowers, but you can do yours in a number of ways. Try all white flowers and bright and colorful candles, or match your flowers exactly to the candle. The possibilities are endless. For more videos and fun tips head rachaelraymag.com.