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Home Depot Faucet Demo

Watch our friends from Home Depot give a demo of the Delta Faucet in our test kitchen.

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Hi, everybody I'm Mike Cartozzo with the Home Depot and we're here today helping the team from Everyday with Rachael Ray update and renew their kitchen. When it comes to developing a work flow plan that work for you, it really is depending on where different things are in your kitchen and we're starting with the kitchen faucet. Check out this beautiful Addison pull-down kitchen faucet from Delta. Let's start by talking about the patented Touch2O Technology. What that allows you to do is turn the water on and off with just a touch and tap of the finger. One of the things I love about the faucet is the handle. When she moves the faucet, she moves the flow rate and the temperature of the water. You don't want to mess with that again. You can set it and forget it. When you're dealing with raw meats and vegetables and you're touching all the kinds of different surfaces, think about how much time you'll going to save if you're not constantly having to wash your hands after touching the handle, but it will also help you in keeping all of those kitchen surfaces extra clean. So, having a plan and place that makes sense for you and how you cook and having an organized kitchen is really gonna pay off on you. So that is the Addison pull-down kitchen faucet from Delta. If you like more information, check out homedepot.com or deltafaucet.com to learn about all the Delta faucets with Touch2O Technology for the Kitchen and Bath.