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Upcycling: Duct Tape Crafts

Green decorating expert Danny Seo creates recycled crafts in his book Upcycling. Here, he uses duct tape crafts materials to decorate a tote.

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Hi, I'm Danny Seo, author of the book Upcycling, and today I'm gonna show you how to upcycle one of your flimsy reusable bags or one of your generic bags that you've got in your stash of eco-friendly bags. Now, to create these beautiful stripe-colored black bags or the [unk] upfront here, this is yum. All you need are two different things and they're all from the duct tape familiar products. Now, you might be familiar with duct tape in this roll form. Who knew they came in these great colors at my local microstore. I found them in this hot pink, this vibrant yellow, this beautiful blue. I'd even seen it in camouflage. So, it's kind of fun to see how creative and how far the duct tape has come, but now there's even these duct tape sheets and they come in 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper that really sort of limitless of what you could do with them. Now, to create the yum bag that I have upfront here, I used the 8.5 x 11 sheets and on the back I used the permanent marker just to trace out the words yum and, you know, if you don't get it right the first time it's okay because you can sketch it out until your happy with it. Using a pair of sharp scissors, you just cut them out and you end up with your own little stickers right here. So, I've got the Y backing on the ones already on the bag, U and the M, you peel it off, dehisce the adhesive backing on the back just like this and then you attach it to the bag and you're finished right there. You don't have to do a yum bag. You could do your initials. You could do a beautiful silhouette. You could do stripes. You could take the different hole punches and your different craft materials so you have to really customize anything that you want to do. Now, to do these other bags with the stripes, you're gonna use the regular duct tape brand of rolls of tape. Then, I'm gonna start here with the pink one. It's really great hot pink. And it looks complicated, but really it's so foolproof and so forgiving and you just go at the top of the bag and you wanna overlap it so there's some duct tape on the sides right here and more on the side over here and I'm just gonna trim it with my sharp scissors. And then on the front just like this, you wanna turn it around and then overlap it and the reason we're gonna do this is that when you're finished with the bag in the front, you'll have a guide where the coordinated stripes are gonna go. You've got the tape and then maybe I'll do-- What do you think? I think I'm gonna do the yellow. Now the key thing here is that you don't want to start the yellow stripe right at the edge over here 'cause you're gonna go crazy when a little bit of the white bag is taking through. So, you overlap it ever so slightly. And what's great about this tape, you never see the stripes underneath. Then you continue going on and on with the colors of the duct tape that you want until you completely to the end, repeat on the side of the bag and then you're done. Now, on this bag right here, I've actually left the existing handles on here 'cause I thought the chocolate brown coordinate really well with the pink right here. And then this one, I used the standard grommet kits and took some hardware store rope just to customize it even just a little bit more. Either way you do it, it's gonna be a beautiful reusable bag and who wouldn't love this fashion forward, ready bag to go grocery shopping, right?