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Upcycling: Make a Clock

Green decorating expert Danny Seo creates recycled crafts in his book Upcycling. Here, he shows how to make a clock using beach or vacation souvenirs.

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-Hi, I'm Danny Seo, author of the book Upcycling. And today, I'm gonna show you how to upcycle or reuse your beach finds you may find during your summer travels. Now, I went to my local Michaels store to the unfinished wood section and I found what looks like an office organizer you might be familiar with. And I'm gonna use this for the base of my clock. So, I'll take the lid off and we'll use this for something else later. And this will be the frame that our clock actually lives in. Now, on the front, I wanna make it more beachy. So, you could use the beach sand that you find during your summer vacation or at Michaels. They have this wonderful different colored sands like this wonderful jewelry store sand right here or sagey green, even vibrant purples, lots of gem stone colors. And I'll use these to actually glitter the front of the box. I'm gonna use my trusty Mod Podge to cover the front of the box and a little bit goes a long way. And I just like to drizzle it and then I'll use a foam brush and just cover the whole thing in a very even and consistent way. Alright. That looks pretty good. Now, the next thing you're gonna do is just like working with glitter, we're gonna take the sand and you're just gonna cover the whole thing. And you could mix up different colors. You could use actual beach sand to give a really nice neutral base. You could swirl. Oh, wouldn't that be beautiful? Some purple sand and some green sand together. Create stripes. I mean, really, this is something that there's no wrong way of doing it, but the key thing here to make sure you do it right is to really saturate it with the sand as much as possible so that every surface is completely covered just like this. Now, you're looking at this and I know this is a lot of sand, so we're gonna knock off the excess. And what you're left with is like this nice shimmery, subtle, beachy sand cover on the front. Now, what else do you need for a clock? You obviously have to know what time it is. So, instead of using the different numbers that often come in a clock head, we're gonna use rocks. And these are pebbles that you can find on your walk through the woods. You picked them at the beach. You can even find some of them at Michaels too. And I find the easiest thing to do is to start with 12, 3, 6, and 9 and go from there. And then you can do something where it's just all of the same types of rocks for consistency all the way around just like this or what's kind of fun is to mix and match and take different colored smaller ones. Let's do a blue one right here in this section and let's do a red one right here and then we'll end it with blue. And you just have a little bit more of variety. Now, if you don't have rocks, seashells would also look beautiful or imagine some sea glass. That will be something that's so ethereal and light too. Now, these are really easy to attach. Just use your trusty glue gun. You put an ample amount on the back of the rock just like this. While it's still hot, you can attach it securely to the front of your clock. Let it cool completely. Do the whole clock and then you wanna take something called a clock kit and you find this at the store. It looks just like this. It's pretty basic and really easy to use. Really, this can make anything into a beautiful clock. Now, on the beauty clock that we have right here, I just wanna show you. What I've done is that I've drilled a hole right in the middle. You insert this at the back of the mechanism on the back and then when the little [unk] to the front come through, you attach your minute, your second, and your hour hands. Attach a double A battery. You've got yourself a great family summertime beach memory clock.