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How to Roll Sushi

Learn how to roll your own sushi with test kitchen director Tracey Seaman!

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Hi. I'm Tracey Seaman at Every Day with Rachael Ray Test Kitchen. Today, I'm gonna show you how to make a sushi roll. First, you wanna use a sushi mat and cover it with plastic wrap and tuck in the end that's closest to you. Then I'm putting a nori sheet down on top, shiny side down because sticky rice would stick better to the non-shiny side. I'm gonna take a cup of sticky rice. It's a generous cup 'cause you wanna make sure that you cover the nori as best as you can but with anything practice makes perfect. So, you don't really have to worry. The more you do this, the better it will get and the ingredients will taste good no matter what. Yeah, getting my hands wet with some cold water and I'm gonna press and smear out the rice. Try to get it as close as I can to the edge and as even as I can. Now, if you hands seem to get sticky in the middle, all you're gonna do is put a little more water on them. Now take a little bit, just a little bit more rice, fill in the spots, press that out. Okay. Now, this is an inside out roll. So, we're going to flip it over. I'll try to put on a little bit of toasted sesame seeds 'cause they taste really good. I'm gonna lift it up and over. Now, you could put whatever you want inside the roll. Today, I'm gonna use asparagus. I'm lining up the edge of the asparagus right to the edge of the nori roll, the nori sheet. Next, I'm gonna put on a couple of pieces of avocado and you'll notice that I have a little hole in the center but it's better to have a little bit of space in the center than it is to have it on the ends. You know, put a line of cut shrimp, you can use poached shrimp or grilled or pan fried. See that gap gets filled in nicely. So next, I'm gonna take the edge of plastic wrap from underneath, fold it over, and as I roll it and fold it, I'm gonna keep pulling up on the plastic wrap until I'm all the way at the end. And once you get to the end, fold the plastic wrap over and then you're gonna roll it a little bit in your sushi mat. You can get a rounded finish or a squared finish, doesn't really matter. And I'm gonna unroll the roll and put it on the cutting board. Now, it's really important when you're cutting your sushi roll to use a nice sharp knife. First thing you wanna do is cut in the middle, I'm gonna get the knife wet. Cut in the middle evenly in half. And then dip the knife in with each cut. Now, even if these get a little bit flat which mine are doing, I can straight them out when I put them out on a plate. So now, the sushi roll is really pretty and I have a little bit of ginger and some wasabi. So I've already put it to my soy sauce here. And like I said, practice makes perfect and your sushi rolls are just gonna get better and better. This is fun for the whole family to do. And thanks for watching this Test Kitchen Home Movie.