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Wrap it Up - Gift Wrapping Tips

Wrap it Up - Gift-Wrapping Tips

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-Hi, I'm Amy Scott. And This is Teri Tsang, senior food editor for Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine. Now, Teri, everybody loves to give and get edible gifts this holiday season. -Right. -Right? -Tell us how we should present those gifts this year. Well, we've got a few great ideas here for you guys So, I'm gonna start over here with a little S'mores crackers. -Oh, who doesn't love S'mores? -Oh, I'm glad to hear you say that. -I love them. -I have lot of them. So, what we do is-- well, we went to the container store, which is a great, great resource for just sort of cute-- like packing ideas for everything. We actually found these boxes, which are perfect for the shape of these gram crackers. -They are. -And so we assembled these little sandwiches. I lined the boxes with tissue paper, stuffed them inside, closed them up, and just wrapped them up with some ribbon. -And the ribbon is actually color coordinated to the S'mores. -Exactly. You could go with any color you want, but we kinda like the idea to sort of hinting up what's to come inside. We've got this pretty sort of caramel and chocolate brown colors. -That is very clever and of course those are uncooked S'mores, right? -Right. That was-- Yeah, that's probably a good thing. You know, the box isn't laminated or anything like that. -Messy. -What you wanna do is kind of give it to your recipient, if you will. And they can just take them out and just throw them in the microwave for maybe about like 15, 20 seconds just to get them nice and gooey. -Yum. -You know, the way you think of your S'mores. -That's a great holiday treat for the whole family. And what's next here? We have something made out of bread I see. -Right. Well, we thought this is a cute idea if you wanted to make your own peanut butter and gel and give it as a gift. -Oh, how cute. -Exactly. Right? So, what we did was found loaves of bread that were just tall enough to actually hold these jars so you'll seen inside, but what you wanna do is just hollow out little holes for the jars, place them inside, set the bread top back into place and then maybe just tie it with some pretty ribbon. -That is so cute. Not just a gift of bread but also a gift in bread. -Right. -I love that concept. Moving along, we have kind of a Corner Copia of candy I see. -Right. Well, this is a great idea for sort of loose things like candy or loose little cookies. And what we did is we took a large piece of cardstock, folded it into a cone, sealed it with tape and then wrapped it in paper and sealed it off with a ribbon. -Cute and these are such pretty papers too. What a clever idea. -Right and it's so easy too. So, this is definitely kind of one that's just good on the run, you know. -It's great and it's like nice under the tree or wherever you give your gifts that you've got a-- a bevy of different sizes and shapes. -Exactly and it's so pretty. -And finally, we have some beautifully decorated what looks like canisters, right? -Right. -You decorated these? -Yeah. Well, what we did here was we found fabrics that we loved and photocopied them on a color copier. So, you end up making your own homemade wrapping paper. -Oh, that is so cool. -It's a great idea and so what we did was we wrapped the tins in the wrapping paper, sealed it with double-sided tape, and just found color coordinated, you know, ribbons to just kinda finish it off and give it a little extra polish. -So you could put any fabric and-- and the color would come out the same color as-- of the fabric? -Exactly. And we could photocopy your shirt and get some really pretty shiny green paper. -Oh,-- -Yeah. -that is so clever. -It's a cute way to kind of make your own homemade gift wrap paper. -And it's probably cheaper than buying wrapping paper, right? -I think so. -I love that. So, these are like canisters. You could take like an oatmeal canister or whatever. -That's perfect 'coz everyone has them. They're really inexpensive. You can just wrap it up and you've got like a little gift box ready to go. -Those are some great tips. Thanks so much for sharing. My pleasure. -If you like some more ideas on how to present your edible holiday treats, pick up a copy of the December-January issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine.