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Spike's Cotton Candy Milkshake

Spike Mendelsohn shows us how he makes his famous cotton candy milkshakes.

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-You got a fresh cotton candy spun. -Secret ingredients. -We even have a cotton candy machine that's gonna be-- that's on the beach right now waiting for us to get there. -Crazy. -Let's gonna have a little bit of this, tequila. -And to the-- -It looks more like a magic trick than a recipe. -It does look like a magic trick. Okay. -It kind of looks like you're gonna pull out one of those like scarves. -It looks like we're gonna top it in [unk] -We got to spin this well. Actually, I just tuned up the machine to make sure it's really [unk]. -Alright. -How can we get [unk] -It takes a village to make a milkshake. -It does.