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Aussie Wave

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[MUSIC] Hi, welcome to the Hairstyle Lounge. I'm Sarah Petumba the artist/stylist. I have a lot of great videos here for you with tips and trick to make quick and easy, beautiful hairstyles. Enjoy. [MUSIC] Hi, welcome to the hairstyle lounge. I'm Sarah Patempa and I'm here with Cynthia today to show you how to get the perfect Aussie wave. Now to start we're going to take Aussie's catch the wave mousse plus leave in conditioner. Now this is a great mousse because it's not. Hard and crunchy. It's actually really soft and light because of all the conditioners in it. So I'm gonna use about a quarter size. I'm gonna put it directly at the root, and then the key here is to blow dry the hair up so that you get a lot of volume to start off the look. Then the next step is actually to section out the hair. You wanna section the left side of the hair. Then the right side and then the back. This is just to keep control of everything you're doing and then when we go through, we're gonna go in horizontal sections and depending on how thick your hair is, we'll determine how thick the sections are. So with Cynthia's hair, I'm gonna take a small section, just about a square inch. And I'm gonna use Aussie's Opposites Attract Hairspray. Now this hairspray is so great because it's really flexible. I can actually use it as a styling cutter so I'm going to spritz it right on the hair before using the iron. Then I am going to take a one inch curling iron and I'm not going to open it, not going to do anything fancy. I'm going to keep it closed, hold it on a vehicle. And then wrap the hair all the way around in a spiral motion downward. Now the key here is to just keep it really simple. You're just gonna wrap the hair around, you're gonna fold the ends out. And because it is such a soft, natural wave you don't need to focus on getting this all the way. Just hold it really lightly. And then when you're about to release it you don't need to turn it, do anything. All you need to do is allow the hair to slide right off the iron like that. And as you can see with the hairspray I can run my fingers right through that, and it's really soft and natural. Now Cynthia's gonna show you how she can do it. Okay, there's your section. You're gonna take the hairspray. Spritz it all the way on. So, now she's gonna take a one-inch curling iron, hold it in a vertical position, perfect, and then wrap it away from her face. Now, you'd wanna go away from the face so you don't have banana curls coming in. Perfect. So, you're just gonna hold it there 20 seconds. Great. And then now remember, when you take it out, you just want it to slide right off the barrel. Perfect. Good job. [LAUGH] Great. So then at the end you're just going to run your fingers through, pull this off your face, and there you go. The perfect wave. Thanks for joining us today. I'm Sarah Potempa and this is our perfect Aussie Wave. You can find this hairstyle and other tips in our hairstyle lounge. [MUSIC]