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Sleek and Sassy

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[MUSIC] Hi, welcome to the hairstyle lab, I'm [UNKNOWN], the [UNKNOWN] stylist. I have a lot of great videos here for you with tips and tricks to make quick and easy, beautiful hair styles, enjoy! [MUSIC] Hi, welcome to the Hairstyle Lounge. I'm Sarah Potempa and I'm here today with Tarena to show you how to get a really sleek and sassy look in a really simple, easy way. We're gonna start just by sectioning the hair. Now when you section, you wanna take the left side, the right side, and then the back. That's the easiest way to control what you're doing. Then to show you on the left side here, we're gonna section it off in a horizontal part. Now for Trina's hair, I really only need to do two sections. So I am going to clip this away. Clipping it and sectioning it is very important because it makes it really easy for you to do. So I'm just going to comb up the section and I'm going to take Aussie's French. Spray. This is really great, because it's an updated version of the original. And I can use this, actually, as a styling product. So hairspray, that you always thought was the finishing product, can actually be used, sprayed directly on the section before you iron. Now I'm gonna take the section, with a comb and a flatiron. And I'm gonna go through, starting at the root. And iron down. So now Turina's gonna show you how she would do this. So you're gonna take this section. Go ahead and close it. And we're gonna start by spraying the spray. Squirt that all the way along the section. Great. And then comb it out. Just to evenly distribute the product, you want to take the comb all through the section, and then she's gonna flat iron. Starting as close as you can the root, and you want to stay really horizontal so you don't get any kinks in your hair, and then it all the way down. Great. And then she's gonna run her fingers through. And if you see any little kinks, or if you have a little bang, you can always take this little bang here. This is really simple, easy thing to do. Just like spritzing the hairspray, it will really lock in all this shine and finish this look, and it's something you can do really quick and easy. It'll never go out of style. Good job, Jana. Beautiful hair, and it was really that simple. We did just two sections here, and just two on the, on the right. And then when you're doing the back, you just need to bring the air forward and iron it just like this. So now that we've finished flat ironing, another really great tip if you still feel like you have some little fly aways on the top. is to take the same hairspray, the Sprunch, spray it directly on a flat brush. This is a boar bristle nylon mixed brush, brush, and it's flat. So just spray it directly on there, and then I take it and I brush the hair. It instantly gets rid of all of those flyaways. It also will smooth out any flyaways at the end as well. [MUSIC] So another great thing, just for, for a tip. If you had flatironed your hair, and you wanted to wear it up, in a high ponytail, in a low ponytail, this is a great way to make a perfect ponytail. The same, same way. You're gonna take the Aussie Sprunch, spray it directly on the brush. And then you're gonna brush the hair into a perfect ponytail. This will just grab all the little fly aways. [MUSIC] And pull the hair up into a perfect ponytail. Having a little bit of the product on the brush is actually what controls all the fly aways and makes it really really smooth. So that's it. So that's an option that you have with this look. But for now we have beautiful sleek. Sassy, straight hair. Right? Thanks for joining us. [MUSIC]