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Sleep on It

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[MUSIC] Hi, welcome to the HAIR STYLE LOUNGE. I'm Sarah Potempa, the [UNKNOWN] stylist. I have a lot of great videos here for you with tips and tricks to make quick and easy, beautiful hairstyles. Enjoy. [MUSIC] Hi, welcome to the hairstyle lounge. I'm Sarah Potempa, and I'm here today Christina to show you how to get a quick and easy hair style. Now if you're the kind of person whose running around in the morning, you know, trying to get the kids to school and, you know, you just don't have time to do your hair, this is the perfect look for you. The only thing is it's going to take you about eight hours to get this look, but it's all gonna happen while you're sleeping. So, to start at night, we're gonna take a section. And we're gonna start to twist the hair away from the face. We're gonna take a blow dryer and blow dry it down just like this. You're gonna do this until it's about half way dry. And then you're gonna take a product like this. This is Aussie's opposites attract spray gel. Now the great thing about this is that gel was always so stiff and sticky and hard to use. And this is now in a spray format, so it's really soft and flexible. And it can actually be used as a styling product, as well. So we're gonna take the hair, spray the entire section, and then start to twist it away from the face. Now, the key is while you're twisting away from the face. Is that you won't get a banana curl. If you start to roll it in towards your face, you end up with, you know, really tight curls coming in. So this will give you really soft, more beachy waves. So you're gonna twist the piece all the way around, and then you're gonna secure it with a two-inch bobby pin. Now Christina's gonna show you how she would do it. So we're gonna take this section, and start to wrap it away from your face, all the way down to the end. She's gonna take this spray gel on the section and mist it all the way down. And then she's gonna twist it up into a bun,. Perfect. And then with this large two inch bobby pin, she's gonna secure it. Now the key here is you wanna take the bobby pin and lay it right across the root. This is gonna go all the way through the bun and make sure it stays. Great! So there you go. that's all you have to do and you sleep in it and while it dries when it comes out you have beautiful soft, beachy waves. So in the morning you're running around doing everything you need to do and this is the last step. Take them out and then just run your fingers through them. And you have a really nice soft wave. And it's simple. Only took you five minutes. So you can see here half and half. So this is what it is at night and then this is what you get when you're done. Now for the final look, you're gonna take it all out. [MUSIC] Christina if you wanna go ahead you can take this one out. So, just grab the bobby pin and take it out. And, you'll see it's twisted away from the face so, when you open it up, she's just going to run her fingers through, really softly and open that up. Now, the other thing which is great is that you can do four to five buns if you want a tight wave, and you can put one right here at the top. So that you get a nice sort of volume. Especially if you have bangs, or a sweeping bang, or layers, this is really great cuz you can get a good wave right at the root as well. And then if you want a softer wave, you can always do just two buns in the back. So here we are. Our nice, soft, beachy waves. Thanks for joining us today. I'm Sarah Potempa. You can find this hairstyle and other tips in our Hairstyle Lounge. [MUSIC]