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How to Add Mood Lighting to a Party

Add bit of drama to your next party with lighting tips from Rach's design buddy, Evette Rios, the newest video from Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine.

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-Hey, I'm Evette Rios, Rachael's design buddy. And I wanna show you guys 3 quick and easy ways to set the mood at your next shindig. So, the first thing I like to do is we all have overhead lighting in our dining rooms generally and sometimes those lights can be kind of harsh and bright during the day, but at night you wanna make it a little bit more moving. So, what I like to do is actually change the bulbs from a higher wattage bulb like a 60 or 70 to something lower. I really like the 25 watt. I think it casts a really nice, subtle, moody glow. But if you wanna go with something a little different, I also like to use pastel bulbs especially in bathrooms if you have guest over and they're gonna be changing using the bathrooms because everybody looks just amazing under a pinkish light. It's very cool. Then the next thing I like to do is just add some accent lighting and there. So, I just use a regular lantern, store bought. You can just pick this up from just about anywhere and just put your Christmas lights right in there, plug it in, and put it on top of a buffet or any piece of furniture that you happen to have around the dining room table. It adds a little, you know, something, something in the corner. And another way to create some ambiance with lighting is with candles. I love candles because they're generally pretty inexpensive and they last a really long time if you know how to care of them. First, use unscented candles especially because if I'm entertaining, I want people to smell the aromas of the food and not get distracted with the smell of candle. Then what I like to do is I like to refrigerate my candles for about half an hour before I decided to burn them because a nice chilled candle is actually gonna take a lot longer to burn than a room temperature one. I also like to trim the wick down to about a quarter of an inch because if the flame is short, then the candle isn't too hot so it doesn't burn faster than it should. So now, let's see what all this mood lighting looks like together. That's pretty cool. I hope you've learned something and you can create some mood lighting at your next dinner party. Thanks so much.