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How to Make a Stuffing

Watch and learn our techniques on how to make a stuffing—for Thanksgiving, the holidays or anytime—in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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-I'm Diana Sturgis, test kitchen director at Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine. And today, I'm going to make a stuffing. I've got some ready toasted bread cubes here from a pound of good quality sandwich loaf that I cut into little squares and toast it in the oven for about 20 minutes and turn them once and then just cool them off so they are all dried. Here, I've got couple of cups of onions that are chopped and 3 leaves of celery that will cook in olive oil. Actually, before I did that, I cooked the mushrooms 'cause I'm gonna be putting mushrooms into the stuffing. I love them. I cook them in a little bit of olive oil first to get them nice and toasty brown. Scoop them out into this bowl and then I cook these. So these are going in first. You can see there's a little bit of oil there as well. Add that 'cause it's nicely flavored. Mix it up. You can hear them crunching because they are nice and crispy. And that bread, it was started off more than 12 cups of bread but it shrinks when it goes in the oven. So you put it on a bake sheet pan. Now I'm gonna put the mushrooms in. This one also be the time to add anything else you're fancy. I mean, there's no such thing as a perfect stuffing or the traditional stuffing or the classic stuffing. It's whatever you like. All families have their own favorite. You just have to make sure you have enough, that's why I'm making a large amount. People always want more stuffing. You could put in some nuts. Here we've got some pecans, some almonds, some dried fruit is nice. These are dried cranberries, dried cherries or raisins. And about anything from half a cup or a cup is good. Some people put in chopped fresh apple, that's nice too. So this is all mixed in nicely. And now I'm going to add some fresh thyme. I'm going to use about a tablespoon and I sprinkle it on, I like to add it at this point so it doesn't all get stuck into the other stuff. This is salt and I like to use coarse salt, a nice healthy amount of salt. Of course that's up to you. It's a matter of taste. And this is freshly ground black pepper. Use a healthy amount of freshly ground black pepper as well. Looks to be about [unk]. And this is fresh parsley. One handful, two, I put a little bit more so-- 'cause that helps to give it a nice fresh flavor. There we go. Next thing is to add chicken broth or liquid. Some people might want to add milk. You could add a little wine to some chicken stock if you like or you could choose apple juice or apple cider if you're having a emulsion mixture or I can see a little bit of liquid on the bottom of the bowl and the bread is gonna soak right up, believe me. Now, I'm going to pop this into a dish here. This dish is buttered. You can imagine that this is not gonna fit inside any sort of a bird. And one thing you should do, if you're going to be putting it in a chicken or in a turkey, is to not stuff it tightly in the cavity. Don't fill it more than about 3 quarters full because it's gonna expand when it gets in this. It's gonna taste delicious too but you'll have leftovers and your family will be very happy. So you bake that in a dish of the side. You won't need such a big dish as this. I'm going to put this one all of it in a dish, not gonna be stuffing a bird today. So this is going in, and you can see, it soaked up all of the moisture just in that few minutes. Now I'm going to put some butter on top 'cause I love the flavor of it. You don't have to. You could drizzle it with a little oil if you like, little extra virgin oil which will cook it in. I'm gonna put butter on top just started around so this one is just about ready for the oven. I could cover it with aluminum foil to keep it more moist, but I want my nice and crunchy so it's going in the oven ready to go in. And I have one ready-baked. Doesn't it look gorgeous? Crunchy and good. Thanks for watching.