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How to Crimp a Pie Crust

Watch and learn three techniques to give a decorative edge to pie crust in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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-Hi. I'm Tracey Seaman, test kitchen director at Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine -And I'm Cameron Curtis, the assistant editor at rachaelraymag.com. And today, Tracey's gonna show me how to make a pretty pie crust. -And this is so easy to do. It's something that everyone should try it. -You know, I've never made a pie crust myself. I normally used store-bought pie crust, but I'm really excited to learn how because I do wanna make it from scratch. -All right. We're gonna just get started right away. I have a pie shell that's a home-made and the recipe is on the website. I'm just folding the excess dough-- this is trimmed so I'm gonna have a nice edge to work with. -You can, or you wanna continue on with that, go all the way around. And I'm gonna sure 3 different types of fluting that we can do which is great because then, you can-- if you're gonna make more than one pie, you can do several kinds of fluting which will add to a beautiful table. -Okay. -Okay, so this is done all the way around. So we just wanna go around again and the pie-- what's interesting about the pie dough is sort of like playing the piano. You wanna have strong fingers but with a light touch. And I know you're a piano player, so that's why this is good for you. -So I've learning out something but under my belt. -So, all you wanna just keep going around and we'll get a nice-- -So we're just making it higher. -We're just making a nice even edge all the way around. Now this is the type of pie shell that we would wanna blind bake. Okay, so we have a nice edge all the way around and then the first thing I'm gonna do is a diagonal flute. So you wanna use the index finger of your non-dominant hand which on right hand. So I'm gonna use this finger. -Me too. -And I'm gonna pinch the pie this way. So I'm holding-- I'm not really pressing against my finger. I'm just use-- I'm just braising so that the pie dough doesn't fall in off of the edge. -Are you doing it straight in or a little bit of a diagonal? -I'm on a little bit of a curve. I'm gonna go about 3rd of the way around and then you can go over on top of it to perfect the look. -And see how-- when you go around the second time, it gets more [unk] which is really makes for professional looking pie. -Yeah, it's like the bakery. -There you go. All right. So that's good. -It's good. -Yeah. So then and then for the next one, we're just gonna go straight through. -Okay. -Three different ways. For the next one, use all knuckles. So you have two knuckles and you interlock. -Okay. -And this is-- you want it-- this is a more straight look as supposed to the diagonal look. -Okay. -And this will remind you of the look that if you buy a crust that's in the freezer, that's already formed a lot of times, the edge looks like this. Now, see this area here is a little bit skimpy so I'm just gonna make it work for myself. -I have that problem a lot I think where it's uneven or parts are cracking and you don't know what to do so you just start to work with it. -Well, if you do have a spot which is not quite as much as you needed to be. You can patch this especially since we're gonna blind bake this all the way through. -Right. -You could patch it with a little beaten egg white and a little scrap up dough and just piece it together. -And fill it in. -Yeah. -Okay. That was really easy. -That was easy, yeah. And then our third one is the easiest of all. I have a nice big dinner fork and I think I let you just do this one. You just press down. -Press in. -And that has a really nice-- -[unk] the right one. -Nice homespun look to the fork edge. -And then just pop this in the oven. -What we're doing is we lined it with foil and then put some kind of weights in it and partially bake it for about 10 minutes I think and then take the foil and the weights out and then bake it all the way through until it's nice and golden brown. The reason you put the weights in the foil in is to keep the pie shell from caving in. Right. -If you wanna keep the edges out. -So I think I'm gonna use home-made pie crust from now. -I'm really proud. -Thanks. -Thanks for watching.