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How to Decorate a Double-Crust Pie

Watch and learn techniques from our test kitchen on how to decorate a double-crust pie with cookie cutters, in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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-Hi. I'm Tracey Seaman, the test kitchen director at Every Day with Rachael Ray. -And I'm Cameron Curtis, the assistant editor of rachaelray.com. And today, Tracey's gonna show me how to decorate a double crust pie. -That's right. We're gonna have a really good time with this too. -I'm excited. -Okay. What we have, our pie shell with some apples ready to go and then top crust is all rolled out. And one technique is to use cookie cutters which I wanna show you. We have a moon and a little star. And instead of venting the pie when you put the top crust on we're gonna have a little cut outs if you wanna press pretty hard to make sure, this sort of like cutting cookies out of Christmas time. Wanna make sure that you cut through and then use a little knife or a spatula to pull out the dough. So we could just take this pie right now, roll it up on a rolling pin and roll it on to the pie and then bake it, we wouldn't have to-- -So use this as the top. -Right. But what I think you should do is have a little more fun with it. I have a bunch of different stars that will cut a bunch of different sizes. So, I'll cut a few and then you could cut a few. Okay? -You really do have the crust [unk]. -Okay. And now I have some egg wash ready. So-- but I wanna cut a couple of big stars 'cause I think we should start with big stars laying them on the pie. This is really great because when the fruit bubbles up and bakes, it shows through. -I've never done it with cookie cutters before. It's just gonna look really, really festive. -So we're full of great tips at Rachael Ray-- -I know. -rachaelragmag.com. Okay, now I'm gonna take a big cutter. I will just put it-- put that one in the center. -Okay. -And then we're gonna just dab, lightly dab the beaten egg white on top. I'll get-- you can-- -I'll be the egg white dabber. -Right. -Okay. -So we're gonna start with the big ones and we wanna overlap. So this is gonna stick and you could brush that one. -So should they all be touching each other or just stay on-- -Just a little bit. They don't have to completely, like we said, we wanna have some space in between and then we're gonna put on the medium size ones and then end with the small ones. In that way, we can dot around with the small ones. -So this egg brushes helps it get golden-- -There's two things. It serves the purpose for Having them stick together which is the most important in the first place. And then also it helps and get a nice color. And we can sprinkle the top with some sugar and that'll give it a glistening finish. -The more sugar, the better. -So I'm sticking-- I'm putting a star across two other stars. So you could really do this with like, letter cookie cutters if you have a birthday and you want to make a pie, you could do it, for the holidays. -You can do Christmas trees, you can do hearts for Valentine's Day. You could do little flowers for the summer time. -I think we better cut a few more big ones. This takes a little bit of time but it's really fun to do and this is something that kids would really love to help you with. -So you bake this in the oven in the way you would bake any other type of vented pie. I think that looks perfect. -It looks really great. -So where do we go from here? -Well now, we're just gonna, we would roll up the edge and fluted as you want to and throw it in the oven and we're done. -That sounds great. It looks really, really festive. -Did a great job. -Thanks. And thanks for watching.