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How to Make an Easy Lattice Pie

Watch and learn our techniques on how to make an easy lattice pie in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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-Hi I'm Cameron Curtis, the assistant editor of rachaelraymag.com. -And I'm Tracey Seaman, test kitchen director in Everyday with Rachael Ray, today we're gonna make a lattice top pie. -You know I've always felt that lattice is a little complicated coz you have to do the weaving but you're gonna show us some easier way to do it. -That's right. This is a great easy tip that I wanna show you today. What we need here, I have a double-crossed pie rolled out and the bottom is filled, and I have a fluted pastry that will actually - these are great tool because you can do a straight edge or a fluted edge, and just a ruler. My pie top is not perfectly rolled out by any stretch of the imagination. -It looks like one that I would do. -So if I was planning on making just a salad top pie, and it came out like this, I would say "how much is your lattice out of this?". So the first thing we wanna do is now I have it on a wax paper for ease so it doesn't stick to the counter. And I'm gonna get pretty close to the edge, and do a nice little trim. And you can cut the lattice strips an inch-wide if you want, I think what we'll do is about-we'll do about 3/4 inch coz we want to get enough-we want to get enough dough. -Now, if I don't have one of these handy pastry rollers, can I use a knife instead? -You can use a - you can use a big knife; you can use a pizza wheel. I'm gonna go all the way to the end because we can actually, if we need to, we could paste some pieces together. So we wanna start with a longer strip and put it down across the center. -So we're working middle- -middle-out, yeah -Okay -And you wanna take one of the next ones and put it -- split -- we'll figure what we wanna put, we'll put 5 down on the bottom, so, we wanna put 2 more on either side, okay? -Okay -And I'll do one on the other And then take an end -A little piece? -A little, yes, smaller one -A little guy -Okay. And then, you can go -- we can go straight across. I kinda like diagonal, what do you think? -I think diagonal would be nice, to give it something special. -Alright, so now we can do 6 on here so we wanna be slightly off center -I see. So, instead of weaving it throughout the crust, you're just laying them - -Right -on top -So it's way quicker and then you don't have - with the lattice top, you don't have to worry about venting the pie or anything. So, then, we just wanna trim these even with the dough, the bottom dough. -We wanna get around the other side now -Sure. There, turn -- let me turn this for you. -Okay -Okay, so, that's good. And then, we just, as we would do with any single or double-cross pie; we wanna get start-you go this way, I'll go that way and we'll meet in the middle- -Team effort -You wanna roll at the edge, roll The lattice pieces in at the bottom crust and you can really - you can get - you can - if you feel like you have a big - sort of a lot of dough-what it is -Right -You can start - you can be a little bit diagonal in your rolling, and then we're gonna go around again and make the edge a little more perfect. And the thing, if you have a long piece of dough, you could just take it and throw it on the side. Alright, now, we wanna build up our edge and then do a nice little flute. And with the lattice top pie, I'd like to do a simple-we could do a simple fork-flute or a - just a simple pinch. So I'm good now, you can come for all occasions to my house and [unk] -I'll be the one bringing the pie. Now that's even better, I was gonna say "you can come and cook with me" but that's a better idea. -I think that looks great. -Yeah -Definitely serving that on my next event.