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How to Cook a Butter-Basted Turkey

Watch and learn our techniques on how to cook a butter-basted turkey so it doesn't dry out or burn in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine. Great to know for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any time. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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-Hi, I'm Katie Barreira. I'm the test kitchen associate at Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine. And today, we are going to roast and baste a butter-basted turkey. I have a turkey in the oven right now. It's been going for about an hour at 400 degrees with a rack on the lower part of the oven. It takes about 10 to 12 minutes per pound for an unstuffed turkey to cook, so we're about an hour into a 2-hour and 40-minute bake. Let's take a peek and see how it's doing. Brush back over and close the oven. We take the turkey all the way out of the oven to baste it because we don't wanna lose the heat in the oven. It will take a lot longer to cook that way. So, I'm just using a baster. You could also use a pastry brush to really wipe it on there if you wanna get fancy, but we're just gonna stick this down in the pan juices and start letting that juice run all over the top. This keeps everything moist especially those white meat breasts and gives us that really crispy crackly skin. Especially the first couple of times that you're basting, there might not be a lot of juice at the bottom. Just tip the pan a little bit and it will all flow towards 'ya. Make sure you get the wings, the thighs, every bit. Okay. That's a mess. Baste it and we're gonna put it back in the oven for another hour or so and check it out again then. When you're basting, you could baste up to every 30 minutes depending on what you like. It's been another hour and things are definitely happening here. Now, I could baste again now and I'm also seeing that the skin on my bird and a bunch of places is getting really dark. This is just the color that I want it to be. So, we have another about 30 minutes in the oven and I don't want this browning anymore. So, at this point, I'm gonna use some heavy duty aluminum foil. It's great because it's much wider and we'll tent the whole bird. What you wanna do is place the foil over the bird. I like to just go in half and then make a fold. Let that go over the turkey to tent it. And that's ready to go back in the oven for the final 30 minutes of baking. Alright. We should be all set. I'm looking at the thermometer. So far, so good. We're looking at about a 165 degrees in the thigh and you can count on your meat coming up at least 5 to 8 degrees while it rests up to 175 degrees in the thigh. And just to double check, I'm gonna use an instant read thermometer. Let's try the other thigh. Okay. That's perfect. And if you've stuffed your bird, you also wanna use your instant read thermometer to test the temperature of the stuffing, which could be about 165 degrees. We're also just gonna let this bird rest for 20 minutes so it can get up to temperature and all the juices will redistribute before we put it on a board and carve it up for dinner. Thanks for watching.