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How to Set Up a Wine Bar

Watch Rach's design buddy, Evette Rios, set up at at-home wine bar with cute DIY tips, the newest Easy Entertaining video from Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine.

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Hey, I'm Evette Rios, Rachael's design buddy and I wanted to show you guys how I like to set up a little wine bar at home when I'm entertaining guests. So the first thing I like to do is I tell guests, if you want, bring a bottle of wine and most of them do. And I like to tell them to bring something that they've tried recently that they really dig or something that's their absolute favorite 'cause that's always fun. And then when they come, I like to uncork the bottle and set it up just like I set these up. I use the rule about 2 people per bottle, so if you've got 8 people coming, open up about 4 bottles of wine. And then with white wine, in order to keep it chilled, I don't worry about white wine coolers. What I do do is I take a container like this one here I found at the dollar store for a dollar, and I just put my bottle of wine in there with water and ice and then you wanna make sure you have a napkin on hand to dry off the bottle before you pour it so you don't get water all over the place. And if you'll notice, I made little tags here and these are super duper easy to make. What I did was I took cereal boxes and pinking shears and cut out little rectangles and then used a little piece of white paper on the inside. I made one of these for each of my guests because you know what, I invited them so I knew who's coming and then when they come with their bottle of wine, I can put it right on the wine and if they've picked their favorite wine or something that they've liked that they've tried recently, it's a great conversation starter to have people just go, "Hey, you know what, I really like Jessica's wine. Where is Jessica? I'd like to meet her." So it's just a fun thing to do at your next party. And then for glasses, I personally could give a hoot about whether or not I have all wine glasses. I like to mix it up and use whatever I have 'cause I generally don't have enough for everyone to go around. I usually don't worry about that. I just get whatever cocktail glasses I have and frankly, I like the cocktail glasses 'cause you put them down, they're nice and stable. You don't have to worry about spilling. So just go ahead and put whatever glasses you have. Open up your bottles of wine and make sure you have some little snacks. When I'm drinking wine, I like to pair it with little high-protein snacks like I've got some dark chocolate which goes amazingly well with red wine. I've got some olives and some nuts and, you know, keep it simple, all finger foods. You don't have about plates and napkins and forks and knives. You can just grab and go. So I hope this helps you set up a drink station at your home. Thanks for watching.