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How to Make a Cream Sauce in Three Easy Steps

Watch and learn how to make a pasta cream sauce in three easy steps, in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine. You'll also get tricks and tips from the test kitchen on what ingredients to mix in and what to do if the sauce breaks. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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-Hi, I'm Teri Tsang Barrett, the Food Editor here at Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine. -And I'm Jessica Wozinsky, I worked here in the Lifestyle Department. And today, Teri is showing me how to make a Cream Sauce for Pasta. -Right, hopefully you're big fan of cream sauce 'cause it's one of my favorite. -I love cream sauce, I always order it in restaurants but I'm just a little bit worried about making it at home. It seems like complicated. -Well, the best thing about Cream Sauce for Pasta is that it's so simple to make, its three easy steps. -Okay. -We've got a handful of ingredients for using here, starting with 3 quarters cup of heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of butter, some salt, 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley and some parmesan for at the end of the pasta. So we've got the heat pumped up to medium high and we grab small or medium skillet here. So, first, you're gonna wanna add the heavy cream. -Okay. -And you can also-- the butter too. -Okay. Oh I hear it. -Yeah. -It's like, I'm ready. -Ready to go on medium high. All right just add the butter. -Do I start stirring this around or just--? -Yeah, it'll start to melt a little, making it easier to, sort of, incorporate. -Okay. -We're gonna season a little bit of salt too. -Okay. -Just grab a pinch. -Right. -Okay. -And also you can just start stirring it around. One thing to keep in mind is that if you're gonna add any mixings to this dish like even chopped onions or mushrooms or sausage, anything that taste butter brown or a little bit of caramelization, you've wanna actually start the butter and then start-- sort of start cooking down the onions-- -Okay. --until they're soft and they're caramelize however you like them and then add the cream sauce and seasoned that with salt. -Okay. -So now that, that's all noted in, what we're going to do is move on to step 2, which is to just let it cooked and to take about 5 minutes. And you can see now, that it's like sort of liquidy and just kinda like simmering milk. -Yes, I see these little bubbles. -Exactly and after 5 minutes, it's going to actually start thickening up. -Okay. -You can keep stirring. -Okay. -Get this down a little bit. Once it actually thickens up, it'll be able to coat the back of the spoon-- -Okay. --which is how you know its thick enough to actually be a cream sauce and just toss to the pasta. -That's the part that sounds complicated to me. -Really? -Coating back of the spoon. -You'll see how it goes, it's super easy. -So, since this is only a few ingredients and, you know, you said it's pretty easy to make-- -Super easy. --should I-- if I'm having people over, make this while the guest served already here-- -Yeah I would do-- --this the last thing to make? -Yeah, pretty much, it's not one of those sauces that holds very well, you know, sort of like a film that set around the top and things like that. And it only takes 10 minutes, so it won't take that long. -Okay. -You don't have to concentrate. -Yeah, yeah. -So people can talk to you in the kitchen which is not, you know, a bad thing at all. You know, and two of the things to note is that for some reason that ends up breaking, and you'll be able to tell when your sauce has broken it, it sort of looks like the oil separated a little bit-- -Yeah. --you just wanna add some cold water to it and that'll help bring it back together and make the nice creamy sauce again. And-- -Okay. --you wanna make sure you get the sides the cream-- -Oh yeah. --to make sure that doesn't burn in the pan and if that just happen you just want to incorporate it into the sauce and make sure you stir it right and until smooth again. -Easy to forget the sides. -Yeah. And as you can see it's totally thickening up now, so. -So I just sort of roll it over? -Yeah. -Oh it's all look like it's coming back. Yeah. -Exactly, that's how you know, it's like nice and glossy and smooth and it coat at the back of the spoon. And so we already have some fettuccine cooked over here, so you can actually go ahead and add the parsley which is the last and final step. -Okay, so I'm adding the parsley now? -Yup, just throw that right in. -Okay. -And go ahead, stir that in. -Oh it looks beautiful. -You can turn off the heat or you can go ahead and just toss it right in there. -Okay. -We'll just mix them all together. Okay just stir that together. -Can't wait to try this. -I know me too. You know, an another fun tip is if for whatever reason you reduced to too much and it's-- and we did a great job here actually it's just enough of sauce, -Yeah. --but if you need to loosen up the sauce because it's too thick, you can also save some of the residual pasta cooking water and just sort of-- I used it on top because it's nice and starchy, so it'll help the sauce to actually bind the noodles. Okay, so now that you stir it altogether you can just add the parmesan in and then we're ready to go. -Okay. -Perfect just stir that right in. Probably use the tongs, probably a little bit easier. -My goodness. -Delicious. So what do you think, easier than you thought? -Much easier than I thought. Definitely making this the next time, entertain. -So you did a great job and thanks so much for watching. -Thank you.