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How to Make a Stuffed Burger

Watch and learn our techniques on how to stuff a burger in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine, plus get great tips and tricks on how to forming a burger patty with ground beer. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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I'm Diana Sturgis, Test Kitchen Director at Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine. We're going to stuff a burger. Why would we want to stuff a burger? Well, it adds interest. It's kind of fun when you bite into something and there's a surprise in the middle, and it can add flavor and also some moisture to the meat. So this coarsely-ground chuck is a good choice. It's got to be really well chilled, always keep your meat well chilled. Pull off a nice chunk. Everybody knows how big a burger they like. And without overhandling it, and of course my hands have just been washed, make a hollow in the middle like this with your thumbs, and I got ready prepared and chilled cream cheese, blue cheese, and parsley. That's a really nice mixture. Pop a disk right in the middle like that. Fold the meat over it so that there are no leaks when it goes on the grill or in the skillet however you decide to cook it. There, nobody would ever know it was a stuffed burger. Smooth it this way. Burgers will shrink up a little bit when they go on the grill, so if you wanted to end at the same sides as the bun, make it a little bit bigger than the bun before you put it on the grill. Also when you cook them, they tend to puff up in the middle, so we'll make a little hollow here with my thumb so that it'll come out nice and flat and even, just a little bit thicker on the side. See. There we go. And I've already got one ready cooked here. I'm gonna cut into it. I'll show you what it's like inside. Look at that. Oozing delicious. Stuffed burgers, delicious. Thanks for watching.