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Clean Up Clutter!

Watch and learn how to incorporate storage into your kitchen cabinets from Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, plus learn where to store your recipes, pet supplies, mail and home office supplies. From our collection of Kitchen Makeover videos.

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Hey, I'm Evette Rios, Rachael's design buddy and I'm in a kitchen that I recently redid. You know, we all multitask a lot in life and our kitchens need to work just as hard as we do. So here are 3 ideas on how you can make the most of your cabinet space. We all love to cook. We know that we'll save a ton of money if we cook at home, but we end up cooking the same stuff over and over again. I don't know about you, but I certainly do. So why not dedicate some space inside of your cabinets for your cookbooks, menus, recipes, whatever you've got. This is a great idea. If you happen to have a shelf that's nice real estate easy access, why not put your cookbooks in there. You'll cook a whole lot more if you can see your cookbooks, you can pull them out and you can pick some recipes out from them. And these, I love this idea. It's so super easy, but they sell these 12x12 cork tiles. You can get this at any office supplies store. And they come with their own handy-dandy double stick foam tape like this, so just cut it to the size of the inside of your cabinet. They're nice and thin so they're not gonna take up much space and stick it on with your double stick foam and you've got corkboards inside of your cabinets. And that way, you can keep your recipes out of the way but still easy to access so you'll really get cooking. Now check out some of these other ideas. So lots of us share our homes with dogs and cats and all of our little furry friends, and their stuff I guarantee you takes up more space than you think it does because between the food and the toys and the treats and medicine, ahh, so why not create a space in your kitchen to kinda contain their stuff and put it all in one place, like here I dedicated this jar to all the kitty toys, all the little snacks, even the cat brush and a great idea is to include baskets like this because you can store all your pet foods in here and they're nice and organized and out of the way. And when you think about it, between the food and the bowls and the toys, you're really taking about as much floor space as you would with a cabinet like this. So if you can, get a cabinet, something from a vintage store, thrift shop whatever. You can use that for your pet storage, but also if you've got kitties, they would love to eat up here. And if you've got a little bed, this is gonna be the place where they're gonna hang out. And, you need a place to hang out and if you're like me, you pay your bills. You check your mail. You throw all your stuff on your dining room table, why not organize it into something like this and you can use store bought organizers like these. You can pick these up at any office supplies store. In that way, you can organize your menus, any receipts that you have, your magazines, and you can pick up bowls like these to put all your office supplies, pens, pencils, binder clips, whatever. In that way, you can create a really fun work space for yourself in your kitchen. I hope these ideas have helped all of you get the most out of your kitchens.