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How to Pipe Frosting on a Cake

Learn how to pipe frosting in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine, plus get tricks and tips on rosettes, frosting candle holders and more. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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-Hi, I'm Tracey Seaman, the Test Kitchen Director at Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine. I'm going to show you some simple techniques for decorating a cake with frosting. I have a couple of things here that I want to tell you about. First is a baking sheet that's inverted and I've taped some wax paper on top. This is where I'm going to practice on. And I have a nice bowl of vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. I'm going to use a fabricate pastry bag which has a waxy coating on the inside and something called the coupler which helps keep the pastry tip in place. I am using a medium-sized star tip. This is a closed star tip. There's also an open star tip that shaped a little differently, but they're very similar and they can be use mostly interchangeably. I'm going to take the inside part of the coupler, put it into the pastry bag and squeeze to get it way down at the bottom of the bag. I'm going to insert the bag into the tip and screw on the cap. Next, I'm going to fill it with the frosting. I'm going to fold down the sides to make sure that the icing doesn't come out of the bag while I'm using it and also that the top edge doesn't get messy with frosting. I could fill the pastry bag about halfway full with the frosting for this. The first thing that I'm going to show you is how to do a kiss decoration. You hold the tip of the pastry bag close to the surface of the pan or over the cake and you just pull up. These are a little bit big. You can make them really full like that or make them little. This is a great decoration to use on the edge of a cake or all across the top of a cake. Next is a rosette. Again, you're going to hold the bag upright and you're going to start and just go around in a circle. These are great for putting candles in on a cake. And there are a lot of different ways that you can decorate the edge of a cake. One of the simplest is the shell-- is a shell border which you want to have the bag a little bit slanted toward you and you always want to use your dominant hand to squeeze the bag and your other hand to guide it around. So, I'm down here at the surface. I'm going to go up and then toward me. Up and then toward me. So, these are separate but as you get going faster, it's almost like a continual motion. It kind of look like a sideways comma. And then lastly, another edge that you can do which is a variation on this is to do the shell but do it with a side-to-side curving motion. So, it sort of like a combination of the shell border and the rosette together, and this is really pretty. And then, as you learn these techniques, you can do all kinds of other things with other tips. So I'm going to use the kiss technique and pipe on the top edge of the cake. Again, I'm going to squeeze gently and pull up. Squeeze gently and pull up. And once you get going, you can move along pretty quickly. You just want to stay toward the edge of the cake. And if you wanted to, you don't even have to frost the top of the cake. You could do these kisses all across the top of the cake. Well, because the icing is already on, it makes it a little bit easier. We don't have to worry about getting them super close and we just have to put a circle of the kisses around the cake. Okay, now, I'm going to put a shell border around the bottom of the cake. Since we're working in a corner, I have this to be a little bit tilted. So again, I'm going to squeeze and then pull back. Squeeze and pull back. Squeeze and pull back. So, I'm going to tighten the bag so that the icing is down toward the bottom of the bag. So I don't have to worry about losing control. And again, once you get going, you can get faster at this. Okay, so this has a nice top edge and a nice bottom edge all the way around. Now, I'm going to do the other two techniques on the other cake. I'm just going to put a few rosettes on top of the cake so that we can put birthday candles in the rosettes and then a curled-- a curled edge on the bottom. And I'm going around. And when I do rosettes, I like to make them even. So, I'm going to do across from myself. So you want to place the rosettes as if you have portions in mind, as if you're cutting a pie or a cake so that they're evenly spaced on the cake. So I'm going to work across from myself and then I'm going to turn-- turn the cake around and do one on the far side and then one close to me. So I could do-- I'm going to do eight. I could do four. If you want to do six, you just have to judge what three on each side would be. And now, I'm going to do the curled shell border on the bottom. Again, this is like the straight shell border, only I'm going to curve out and then curve out in the other direction. It's sort of like an S-pattern, taking the shell border in an S-pattern. And since I have a cardboard here, I want to cover up the cardboard going slightly up at the side of the cake as I curl. And then, again, when you're getting to the end, you just sort of fake your way into the other edge. Okay. Now, I'm just going to finish off the cake with birthday candles. And so, we have two simply but beautifully decorated celebration cakes. I'm Tracey Seaman from Every Day with Rachael Ray. Thanks for watching. I'll see you next time.