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How to Assemble Pinwheel Cookies

Watch and learn our techniques on how to assemble pinwheel cookies for Thanksgiving or Christmas in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine. From our collection of Step by Step and Holiday cooking videos.

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Hi, I'm Tracey Seaman, the Test Kitchen Director of Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you how to make pinwheel cookies because they can be a little tricky. I'm gonna use our recipe for black and tan pinwheels. I'm gonna start by scattering some chopped cocktail peanuts on a pre-cut sheet of parchment paper. This parchment is really great because you don't have to tangle with the box. I have two sheets because I'm gonna roll two different colors of dough. First, I'm gonna open up the chocolate dough and it's rolled into-- it's formed into a nice square. Put this right down on the peanuts and I'm gonna roll this out with my rolling pin. I don't need any flour because the dough has plenty of butter in it and also peanut butter. I'm gonna tap on it a little. I'm gonna roll this out to a 5-by-11 rectangle. It's important to take your time when rolling because the dough cracks easily because it's so rich with butter and peanut butter. I keep rotating a little bit, each time I feel like I have pressed my luck. Check with the ruler to see. So I'm gonna use a bench scraper to try to level off the dough, 'cause I have-- it's too-- now it's too hard. So I'm gonna hold the dough with my thumb on the opposite side that I'm pushing gently with the bench scraper, and this is gonna create a nice even edge. So we have 6-by-11. So all I have to do now is just even off these long sides and we should be good to go. Now I have the other sheet of parchment underneath to roll peanut butter dough. Okay, it's 11-by-5. Now, let's roll out the peanut butter dough. Now, what I did was made peanut butter dough, divided it in half, and added chocolate to half of the dough. You don't have to make two separate doughs, which is really fantastic about this recipe. Okay. So this is when we want to be a little bit smaller than the chocolate dough, 'cause this is gonna go on top. Again, you could see all the butter and peanut butter which means, you don't have to eat the whole batch of cookies yourself, you have to share them. Measure this. Right, this is a little bit wide, so I think I should even this out. Now this dough sticks to the parchment better because I don't have the nuts underneath like I did with the chocolate dough. Just wanna tap the short ends in a little to even them off. Just wanna make sure that it's thinner than the other dough which it is, and you can tell by looking side-by-side that it is thinner. This is about four and a half inches but I think it's gonna be okay. Then for the tricky part, take the chocolate dough in front of you. And I'm gonna fold the edge of the parchment paper under and bring the peanut butter dough right up to the edge of the chocolate dough. Then I'm gonna lift it and just flip it right on top. And then peel the parchment paper away. Now that we just have to turn the doughs around 'cause we wanna fold this chocolate edge on top of the peanut butter dough, so we have a nice swirl in the center of the cylinder. I'm gonna lift up with my hands and while I'm pulling out with my fingers, I'm pushing the dough down on top of itself with my thumbs. Then you just keep moving down the parchment and rolling the dough over itself. Then the last bit, I'm gonna take and roll this way. Now, even if your dough cracks which this is doing, you can press it together and on the ends too, to make a cohesive cylinder. I'm gonna take the dough and roll it up, smooth it out, so it's nice and round, if you don't wanna have a bit flat on one end. Then put this on a baking sheet, this is case is a deli roll pan 'cause I don't need a full size sheet. And then we're gonna put this in the freezer for 30 minutes and then it'll be ready to cut and bake. The black and tan cylinder has chilled in the freezer for 30 minutes, so I'm ready to cut the cookies. Put them on the baking sheet. I'm gonna use my bench scrapper and cut cookies that are about a third of an inch thick. I'm gonna just trim the end right here 'cause I don't need that. You could also use a knife but bench scrapper works great. After I cut a bunch, I'm gonna transfer them to the baking sheet with my offset spatula. Generally speaking, I put cookies 2-inches apart on a baking sheet. Now, you can see that the dough is pretty soft, but we're gonna adjust the shape. So, don't worry if your cookies are a little bit flat. So, you could see the dough is really forgiving because you can just reshape it as you need to. Okay, these look great. Now, ready to go into the oven. So, nice batch of black and tan pinwheels. Thanks for watching.